Youth Activities

girlblowingthistledown2018 – 2019 TGC VP – YOUTH:  Linda Jean Brown

As all organizations know, the youth are 100% our future. In TGC we have programs from kinder to high school. In the early grades there are posters and writing contests on an adopted yearly theme. In the later grades the contests are on written prose and on public speaking about that year’s theme. Each year we are amazed what our youth create.

Garden Clubs for the youth can be organized at any level.  Each club must be sponsored by an adult Garden Club, meet five times a year, minimum of 3 -5 members.  Registration form and additional information is in the Youth brochure or may be requested from National Garden Clubs, Inc. website.

High School Essay Contest Grades 9th thru 12th
TGC High School Essay Chair:    Trish Lopez
Email Me
6139 Los Felinos Circle
El Paso, TX 79912

2018 – 2019  Theme  – “The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment and Water Supply””

WHAT:  The High School Essay Contest is open to all High School students, including home schooled. Express your interest in nature and concern for the environment.  National (NGC) and Texas Garden Clubs (TGC) youth contests are designed to promote horticulture and a love of gardening, conservation, sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The essay length is 600 – 700 words.  All words are counted.  Entries must be typed and titled. The essay should be suitable to be published in The National Gardener.  Refer to the NGC web page for information –

Judging Scale of Points (general guidelines)
1)  Content 65  (Knowledge of subject 25, Practicality of proposal 10, Originality 15, Subject matter well organized/clarity of presentation 15)
2)  Composition 25  (Vocabulary 15, Conformance to length 10)
3)  Manuscript 10  (Name, address, phone number, school attending, grade, teacher, list of activities, sponsoring club, photo – optional 5, Neatness, legibility, folder to keep neat 5)

Please note – the TGC Youth Awards booklet is being updated to reflect the national scale of points. The points are about the same – just promote and recruit entries for the essay contest.

Utilize this contest to reinforce creative writing skills. The theme – “We need our pollinators” – can encourage students to express their love of nature and concern for their environment. Help educate youth and nurture a sense of world stewardship in the next generation.  The essay contest is sponsored by National Garden Clubs and Texas Garden Clubs.

HOW:  The top four area winners for each grade (9, 10, 11, and 12) will be selected by the Garden Club committee.  Texas Garden Club honors the state winners for each grade with $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25.  The national winner will be awarded a $1,000 college scholarship.

WHEN: Club entries due to District by November 1.
District entries are due to State before December 1.

High School Essay Flyer (PDF)

TGC Only High School Speech Contest
  Kay Kuser, Palestine, TX

2018 – 2019 Theme: “The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment and the Water Supply”
The speech should be 6 – 9 minutes.  It is submitted in audio format only, however, a hard copy of the material used is also required.  CD cover will include the Title of Speech, name of student, and grade.  Observe *Manuscript info requirements for Cover Sheet.  Please attach small photo.  Each local Garden Club will schedule their own students recording times, etc.  The top three contestants will be invited to present their speeches at the Texas Garden Club, Inc. Spring Convention.  The Texas State Winner will receive $500 check, 2nd Place Winner $250, and 3rd Place Winner $25.

The National High School Essay Contest has the same theme and that information may also be used for the High School Speech Contest at The High School Speech Contest is a TGC Award and only goes to Texas State.

Eligibility:   This contest is open to all High School students attending 9th through 12th grades, and Home schooled Children.  Must be sponsored by a federated club/s, a council, or state federation.   Deadline:  Submit winners to District Judge before November 1, 2015.


CONTENT (55 Points)

Knowledge of subject 25
Subject matter well organized 15
Practicality of proposal 5
Creativity – originality 5
Conformance to time 5

ORATION (35 Points)
Clarity and presentation 20
Voice inflection/enunciation 10
Emphasis 5

MANUSCRIPT * (10 Points) (Cover Sheet Info)
Wallet-size photograph, name,
address, phone number, school
attending, grade, list of activities,
and sponsoring club, (name of your Garden Club) 5
Neatness – legibility (a plastic folder
keeps manuscript neat). 5


2018 – 2019 Poster Contest
Woodsy Owl “Lend a Hand – Care for the Land”
Smokey Bear “Only You Can Prevent Fires”

TGC Poster Chair:
  Jo Ann Walker
845 FM 227 E.
Grapeland, TX  75844

Here is what YOU and YOUR students can do to help the environment.  Children from first through fifth grade are invited to participate in the 2013 National Garden Clubs, Inc. Poster Contest!  The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. are giving students the opportunity to demonstrate through original drawings of Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl their understanding of wildfire prevention and basic environmental conservation principles.


Smokey Bear is recognized nationally and internationally as the symbol for fire prevention. The original Smokey Bear appeared in 1944.   Smokey’s message, “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!” encourages personal responsibility for fire prevention.  Smokey Bear teaches children and adults to be careful with campfires, barbecues, trash fires, and matches.

TGC Only Speech Contest 9th thru 12th
“The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment and the Water Supply”
TGC Chair: 
Kay Kuser
1024 Swanson Dr.
Palestine, TX 75801

Visit the NGC website for more information. just click “Youth”, “Contests”.

2018 – 2019 Youth Themes Poetry – Theme:  “Pop Goes the Seed”
TGC Chair:
   Nita Beale
610 Town Oaks Creek
Kilgore, TX 75662
Email Me

Youth Activities Poetry Contest
TGC Chair:
  Patsy Miller
751 Waterview
Livingston, TX  77351

Now is the time to excite and encourage our Youth to express their thoughts & ideas through different types of poetry.  This year the NGC Poetry Contest Themes are:

TGC Environmental Poster Grades 1st thru 5th 2018 – 19
“The American Bald Eagle”

TGC Chair:  Bobbie Mason
Email Me
121 Creekview W Dr.
Red Oak TX  75154-0738

 NGC Sculpture Contest
Theme  “To encourage youth to keep our planet green and to get involved”
TGC Chair: 
Eleanor Floeck
Email Me
4961 E. Highway 290
Giddings, TX  78942-2903

For grade 4th – 8th and home schooled are eligible.
Sculptures to consist of recyclable, reused, and reduced materials.
Width can be no more than 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Height should be in proportion to width.
Entry form on NGC website:

Scale of Points: 
60 points creative use of materisl and self expression.
30 points description of sculpture and materials used.
10 points craftsmanship and technique.
Place two 4 x 6 photos of sculpture on back of entry form.
Send entries to State Sculpture Chairman by state deadline.

SCR #17 Bird of the Year Contest ( All Grades)
2018 – 2019 Ruby Throated Hummingbird
SRC Bird Chair: 
 Mardi McKenzie
Email Me
1054 County Street 2930
Tuttle, OK  73089-3030