TGC, SCR and National Awards

TGC VP AWARDS:     Dana Serafine

Attention: Awards forms are
to be mailed to:

Dana Serafine, VP of Awards
2904 Vinson Ln
Plano, TX  75093
(972) 781-6636 or (214) 668-9964

This committee is one of the most active in the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.   These awards help give clubs a focus for a goal in that year.   Awards may involve special educational programs suited for a club’s particular interest, creation of a butterfly garden within the neighborhood or partnership with a scout troop on a project.  During the year, clubs around the state are busy pursuing their goals and filling out forms about these accomplishments.   At the Spring State Convention, and the Awards Banquet is much anticipated.   The Banquet ends with Clubs of the Year being recognized.

AWARD FORMS can be found on the ” FORMS” page

Welcome and thanks to each of you who have taken on the important duties of receiving and judging award entries for the 2013- 2015 administration.   I look forward to working with and for you.  Let’s make this a most successful awards program, and help as many clubs as possible to participate.

Review any materials passed on to you by the previous Chairman.  If you do not have a procedure notebook, prepare one. Be sure to include:

1. Current Awards Brochure – If you are judging YEARBOOKS, SCRAPBOOKS, FLOWER SHOWS, FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULES OR CLUB PROGRAMS, you must have the specific Manual for these awards – these are available from Headquarters, prices are listed in The Lone Star Gardener or call Headquarters at 817-332-6602.   Scroll down to Forms for link to download the brochure.

2. The revised National Gardener Awards Issue October 2011 taking effect January 1, 2012.

3. Issues of The Lone Star Gardener containing awards information, corrections & updates.

4. Other information regarding your chairmanship.

As a State Chairman you are responsible for guidance of your corresponding District Chairmen. A list of these chairmen is provided for you.  Please urge them to have a procedure notebook containing the above materials.  A list of suggestions is enclosed which you may amend if you wish before sending on to your District Chairmen.  A report form for the District Chairmen to send back to you and form(s) for you to send your report(s) to me are enclosed also.  Photocopy these suggestions and forms as needed to provide necessary documents for you and your District Chairmen.   Any of these forms may be downloaded and used.

Please mail all awards forms to Betty Edwards

November 1 –
Award Entries to District Chairman
December 1 – Award Entries from District Chairmen to State Chairman
December 15 – State Chairman Reports to State Awards Chairman

1. It is VERY IMPORTANT that points NOT be deducted for anything not SPECIFICALLY in the Scale of Points for that award.

2. When points are deducted, tell why they were deducted. It is frustrating to clubs to have points deducted but no reason given.  Clubs need to know how to improve their entries next time.

3. Be sure the deduction is warranted. If points are deducted for an omitted item, make certain that the item was not inadvertently overlooked.

4. All who serve as judges should be informed, competent and fair.  They do not have to be Flower Show Judges, but they should be familiar with awards and using a Scale of Points.  They should take time to adequately evaluate each entry and give clubs the benefit of the doubt. They should not be too strict or technical.  It is better to err in favor of the club.  A club that is “cut down” severely will probably not enter again.  Let’s do what we can to fairly encourage our clubs to join in the Awards Program!

Please note: National Garden Clubs Rules and Awards are published in the September/October issue of The National Gardener in odd-numbered years; changes and/or corrections are published in the even-numbered years.  Changes in rules and award requirements published in TNG will take precedence over the TGC Awards Brochure.

The NGC website is available for the new rules from National Garden Clubs. for scholarship forms

We are aware of all the frustrations you have filling out the forms below.  However, after researching the problem by inquiring with the web designer, we find it is a very complicated and a very, very costly procedure to build this process in to the website.

So, here is a tip.  We have learned that some officers have saved the form to their hard drive and fill it out on their computer.  However, you still will have to delete spaces as you type.

Or, you will have to download and print the form and fill out by hand.

Also, when forms are submitted by the Chairmen to the web master, they are uploaded “as is” to the sight.   If anyone sees a problem with the formatting of the form, please email Headquarters and they will notify the Chairman that submitted the form for corrections to be made.