The Projects of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. span the entire state in location and interest.  The connecting element is the love of nature and gardening.  Come join one of our clubs and become involve with our state’s projects.

Brookwood in Georgetown  (BiG):
To provide an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and validates dignity and respect for adults with disabilities.

TGC Special Project
Choices Matter-making wise choices based on our conservation pledge.  Educating the public and ourselves about preserving land, water, air, forest and wildlife.  Awards of money will be granted to those clubs or individuals that come up with the best program concerning our conservation pledge.
Chair:  Barbara Baker

The Brookwood Community
A self-supporting community of functionally disabled adults in Brookshire, TX.  They maintain a large horticulture center where they raise plants and create hand thrown pottery and concrete products for sale throughout the Houston area. Located in District IV.
Chair:  Carol Smith

Camp Tyler
An outdoor school providing camp experiences and education for Tyler-area fifth grade school children and specialized camps for asthmatic, diabetic, and mentally and physically challenged youth. Located in District III.
Chair:  Linda Whetsell

Governor’s Mansion Landscape
Chair:  Renee Blaschke

Grapevine Botanical Gardens
A public garden near historic Grapevine, TX.  Grapevine Garden Club members and Tarrant County Master Gardeners educate children and adults about nature, plants, wildlife, recycling, conservation and the environment.  The classes, programs and workshops create an awareness of the importance of the natural world that in turn benefits all Texans.  A donation to the project will provide opportunities to expand the Garden’s educational and volunteer programs and to construct a greenhouse. Located in District II.
Chair:  Linda Krimm

Keystone Heritage Park
An on-going preservation project of a middle archaic Native American Community and adjoining wetlands in El Paso; listed as a “Save America’s Treasures” site.  Located in District IX.
Chair:  Helen Baumgartner

Marbridge Farms
Offers work training programs, vocational training and activities for long-term residents with mental retardation and other cognitive challenges in this Austin area facility.  Located in District V.
Chair:  Nell Zeigler

Seeds for Life Objectives
Provide seed to the needy; Share knowledge of how to plant, cultivate, and harvest seeds; Teach methods to improve soils using good environmental and conservation principles; Foster the “Seeds for Life” Texas Garden Club Inc. World Gardening program.

Sending seeds internationally was limited by the import restrictions of many countries. Thanks again to TGC who in 2008 approved our use of the seeds in our local communities with approved programs.  In the Dist IV area we are donating seeds to Urban Harvest,  Seeds are furnished for school and community garden programs. The main donation was to HISD schools for youth gardening.

Seeds for Life Brochure (2015)

Application for TGC Seeds For Life 2014
This application is to give monetary donations to clubs for help due to wildfires and drought.
Director:  Ann Nette Pearce  – Please call if you have questions.

Riverside Nature Center
Chair:  Ginger Jones

Texas Forestry Service
New project that helps reforest Texas when disasters happen.
Chair:  Loraine Kuehn – Madisonville, TX

Texas Nature Conservancy
A long standing non profit organization that protects Nature.
Chair:  Joe Whetsell


Blaschke Landscape Endowment Fund
Interest generated by this fund is used to maintain the grounds at TGC headquarters.

Friendship Book donations
Applied to general operating expenses.  Honor a friend, club, speaker, etc.  The honoree’s name is placed in the Friendship Book kept at TGC headquarters.

Gold & Silver Book donations are applied to general operating expenses.  Entries in these books are intended for special friends, speakers, dedicated members, etc.  Donation of $50 places name in Gold Book.  Donation of $25 places name in Silver Book.

Library Fund donations
Used to maintain the Marian Campbell Library at TGC headquarters and for the purchase of additional books.

Presidents Book donations
Used for general operating expenses.  Entries in this book are intended to honor your current club president for service to your organization.

Scholarship Fund donations
These are placed in an endowment fund.  Interest from this fund is available for use for scholarships to college level students.

Sue Durrett Endowment Fund
Interest generated by this fund is used to maintain TGC headquarters.

TGC Arbor Day Fund/Grant
Used annually to purchase a tree in celebration of Arbor Day; the planting and celebration are often in conjunction with a state convention.

TGC Birdseed Fund donations
Used to purchase birdseed and maintain two large feeders at TGC headquarters, located on the grounds of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

TGC Endowment Fund
Interest generated by this fund is used to maintain TGC headquarters.

Web Site Fund
Donations to this fund provide for maintenance and design updates for