President’s Welcome

Betty Edwards

Gratitude is the first order of business and I could not bestow my thanks upon a greater group people. I am truly blessed and encouraged by my fellow garden club members and I would like to take a moment to offer praise. Thank you District I for the terrific installation held in Odessa, Texas.

The Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. has provided me with lifelong friends who stand by me and continually offer encouragement.  Special thanks goes out to Keith, Veta, Jean, Lyda, Irene, Nancy, Jane, Shirley, Bonnie, Sharron, Dorothy, Pat, Debbie, Kermit GC, Judges Advance GC, Southwest Amarillo GC, Desert Sands GC, and all those who attended.  I am honored to be a part of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. and promise to do my best to lead us through the next two years of service.

I sincerely appreciate each and every member. This year’s National theme is Plant America, so to coordinate I chose, Plant America, “Sowing Seeds the Texas Way” for Texas. We not only sow seeds and plant, we teach members of our clubs, and help our communities by planting in public places, city gardens, nursing homes, and hospitals. Another way we sow our seeds is by teaching the youth gardening skills and provide a foundation for them to learn how to care for our earth. They truly are our future, and we can make a difference by leading them in the right direction. We have to open new avenues within the public forum, bringing discussions to the forefront that keep our earth growing, provide clean air and healthy food, and ensure the upkeep of our world.

As youth is one of our primary focuses, my special State Award for Youth will be the Eagle. Have you ever thought about the Eagle? He soars around the earth, keeping watch over us. He is vigilant, constant, and a true beauty of nature. No matter how far he goes he always returns to his nest. I feel the eagle is symbolic of our true purpose. We teach children in order for them to learn the value of the soil and the life that planting creates, and we hope they will carry these lessons with them always.

With these goals in mind, Linda Jean Brown is working on a program coloring contest using the Eagle to draw and color for grade school children. There will be prizes for the winners. I will be sponsoring this activity. Please think about your elementary schools and help us promote this program to the youth.

In addition to our youth programs, I feel another main goal should be tackling the problems that plague our struggling districts and clubs. We need to identify causes that lead to decreasing membership. It is essential that we find ways to assist them in growing and gaining members. Successful clubs need to share their strategies for growing their membership. We need to unite and work together; for instance, call a struggling club and ask what you can do to help, aid neighboring clubs with projects, or educate clubs on steps to implement successful strategies.

One such project that you may want to help with is our income-generating project for TGC: gardening aprons (see page 6). The orders are already coming in and I will be embroidering a lot. All proceeds go to TGC. If this isn’t something that interests you or your club, then you might want to consider contributing to one of our other projects. There is never too small a donation – any amount is appreciated.

Betty Edwards
TGC President (2017-2019)
Plant America, “Sowing Seeds the Texas Way”


The 2017 themes are based on our Conservation Pledge
“I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of planet earth and promise to promote education so we may become caretakers of our air, water, land, forest and wildlife.”


The Lone Star Gardener containing the Club Directory is now available on the “Members Only” web page.

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