Member of the Year

member_of_the_year_page2016 Texas Garden Club, Inc. Honors Member of the Year Sarah McReynolds.

Member of the Year – Guidelines
For further information contact 2015-2017 Garden Club Member of the Year State Chair, Dottie Sivess

Selection procedure
Ten candidates, one from each district, will be chosen as nominees for the honor. The honorees will be chosen based on service in garden club work and contribution to their community. All nominees will be recognized at the TGC, Inc. Fall State Meeting, where one will be chosen as the Texas Garden Club Member of the Year.

History of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. Garden Club Woman/Member of the Year

The first TGC Garden Club Woman of the Year celebration began in 1951 when Nita Harmon, later to become a TGC President, and Leah Jarrett, decided that deserving garden club women should be recognized in a formal ceremony. This ceremony was held from 1952 to 2003 during the Texas State Fair and became known, during that time, as Garden Club Day at the Fair.

The guidelines called for the immediate past president to be recognized in the fall following her term of office. In the alternate years a club member could nominate an exemplary federated garden club member who had held chairmanships and offices on any level. A committee of five former honorees on the basis of merit, not popularity, judged the letters and chose the recipient for TGC. That individual could only be recognized once for that honor.

In 2003 the procedure and location was changed. Because President Linda Whetsell had been chosen as the 1992 Garden Club Woman of the Year, there would be three years for nominations from the garden clubs. It was decided that each of the ten districts would submit a candidate who best exemplified the TGC Mission. All nominees would be recognized during the TGC Fall Board Meeting with one chosen by a panel of past honorees to be TGC Garden Club Member of the Year. (The title was changed in 2004.)

Past Honorees
2012 Sandee Walters & Idalia Aguilar
2011 Jacki Simmers
2010 Ruby Brigman
2009 Judy Keillor
2008 Sudie Blackburn
2007 Carol Russell
2006 Joyce Cochran
2005 Dottie Sivess
2004 Jean Mills
2003 Sue Durett
2002 Merlene Cain
2001 Barbara Baker
2000 Diane Whitaker
1999 Ina Brundrett
1998 Alice Davies
1997 Jayne Martin
1996 Mary Louise Barr
1995 Pauline Brown
1994 Lucy Hendy
1993 Renee Blaschke
1992 Linda Whetsell & Hazel Somerville
1991 Margaret Sharpe
1990 Edna Fuchs
1989 Christine Brown
1988 Noble Smith
1987 Betty Johnson
1986 Bertie Ferris & Nell Denman
1985 Esther Clinton
1984 Guyneth Priem
1983 Hazel McCoy
1982 Ruth Jenks
1981 Mary Louise Michie & Mrs. W. B. Carroll
1980 Ethel Spears
1978 Stella Scott
1977 Margaret Coil
1976 Frances Ellis
1975 Sue Smith
1974 Kay Bozek
1973 Ethel Orr
1972 Bea Dooley
1971 Madge Horn
1970 Bea Dooley
1969 Norma Barton
1968 Virginia Weaver
1967 Welma Aiken
1966 Marion Campbell
1965 Magnolia Greene
1964 Gertrude Windsor
1963 Henrietta Kilpatrick
1962 Mabel Caldwell
1961 Annie Puryear
1960 Mary Kittel
1959 Bess Buchanan
1958 Annavi Buchanan
1957 Esther Miller
1956 Nora Berry
1955 Inez Coffey
1954 Mollie Salois
1953 Nita Harmon
1952 Minnie Marcus
1951 Marianne Scruggs