Lone Star Gardener

The Lone Star Gardener is the official publication of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. and is published three times a year.  The LSG keeps members updated on gardening news around the state.  It showcases clubs with outstanding projects and events.  Members enjoy learning about their gardening friends and their activities.

For any address or email changes or if you do not receive the LSG and you are a TGC member, contact the office manager at headquarter:
817-332-6602 or tgcoffice@aol.com

View Online Copies of the Lone Star Gardener Below: 

2019 Spring Lone Star Gardener (24 page PDF)  **NEW**
2018 Winter Lone Star Gardener (24 pages PDF)
 2018 Summer Lone Star Gardener (24 Pages PDF)
2018 Spring Lone Star Gardener (24 page PDF)
2017 Winter Lone Star Gardener (24 page PDF)
2017 Summer Lone Star Gardener (Contains TGC Directory – 32 Pages)
2017 Spring Lone Star Gardener (24 pages)

View Online Lone Star Gardener’s that contain the TGC Directory at the following link
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Lone Star Gardener Publications that contain the TGC Directory

June 1 for Summer Issue May, June, July, August, September
November 1 for Winter issue October, November, December, January
February 1 for Spring issue February, March, April, May

Print Copies
If you are interested in receiving a color copy of the LSG, send $5.00 per year or $2.50 per single copy to (prices pending):

TGC State Headquaters
3111 Old Garden Road
Fort Worth, TX 76107-3498
(817) 332-6602

2018 Lone Star Gardener Editors:
Managing Editor – Sherie Clarkson   Email
Advertising Editor – Gail Ferris Beasley    Email 
Design Editor – Heather White    Email
Conservation Editor – Cecelia Lussen  (Cal)
Environmental Editor – Sandra Hall      Email
Horticulture/Recipes Editor – Sherie Clarkson    Email