How to Join

2019 – 2021 VP – Membership:   Kathi Sivess

Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. is a member of National Garden Clubs, one of the largest volunteer gardening organizations in the world.  2013 membership includes 315 clubs, 17 councils, & 65 affiliates for a total of 10,177 individuals throughout the state.

  • Love to grow green things?
  • Want to learn more about gardening in your area of the Texas?
  • Interested in meeting and knowing people who like to garden?

Then we have the group for you.  For 85 years, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. have been encouraging Texans to grow plants, learn about the environment, and have fun while they do it.  Your local club has useful information on gardening, a hand of friendship and a glass of cold lemonade waiting for you.

Do you have a whole group of friends who would like to form a club?   Great!!  We will help you with forming a club.   Our clubs come in many different forms and sizes just like Texans.  Clubs can meet at any time, and design programs to meet the varying needs of the group.


  • Mothers’ Night Out—Young mothers who want a chance to learn about gardening in the company of other young mothers.  Share tips for gardening while little ones are around.
  • Couples’ Garden Clubs—Couples meet for dinner and discuss garden matters and/or take garden tours or events.
  • Men’s Garden Club—This would give men time to discuss gardening issues they enjoy.
  • Family Garden Club—Families-whatever the makeup-meet and plan a garden where each member of the family has a different responsibility, such as planning and growing a vegetable garden as a summer project.
  • Church Garden Club—A group of church members care for the plants in and around the church.
  • Designers’ Club—Learn or improve on taking your beauties from the garden and create a beautiful design for inside your home.

You can form a group to meet your needs in the gardening world. We stand ready to help you set up the structure of your club and connect with other clubs and gardening specialists.

Membership forms are in PDF format.  They can be found on the Forms page.

Mail Membership forms to 2019 – 2021 TGC Membership Chairman – Kathi Sivess

Kathi Sivess
4711 Michelle
Arlington, TX 76016