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Map of TGC DistrictsThe Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. has 10 Districts.   Links to the Districts can be found to the right of this page.

Basic Information

What is my club rating?
The club rating system is used within Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.   It is not recognized by National Garden Clubs.  Club ratings measure the quantity and quality of a club’s projects and activities. There are only two requirements for garden clubs to be members of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.:

1. Hold regular meetings
2. Pay state dues

Green and Bronze
Green and Bronze rated clubs do not have to make a special application for their respective ratings.

Green club has no special requirements beyond TGC membership.

Bronze club must hold at least seven programs annually; have one authoritative speaker annually; publish a yearbook; have bylaws; and have annual informative display open to guests.

Silver and Gold
To be a Silver or Gold rated club, the club must meet the requirements set forth in the TGC Awards Brochure (revised 2012) and make application every year.

District Themes (based on our Conservation Pledge)
“I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of planet earth and promise to promote education so we may become caretakers of our air, water, land, forest and wildlife.”

I     “Caring For Each Other”
II     “Growing Into The Future
III    “Show What You Grow”
IV    “Sharing And Mentoring For The Future”
V     “Plant A Seed To Grow, Preserve The Past, Embrace The Present, Plant A Seed For The
VI    “Digging To Learn Through Friendship”
VII   “Choose Your Path & Make A Difference”
VIII  “Garden” Our Love, OUr Strenght, Our Future”
IX    “Favorite Greens”
X     “Through Education And Conservation, We Can Make A World Of Difference, Let’s Do It”