The following forms are in PDF format.  To view you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader – you can download the latest version of the program here. We are aware of all the frustrations you have filling out the forms below.  However, after researching the problem by inquiring with the web designer, we find it is a very complicated and a very, very costly procedure to build this process in to the website.

Here is a tip:  We have learned that some officers have saved the form to their hard drive and fill it out on their computer.  However, you still will have to delete spaces as you type. Or, you will have to download and print the form and fill out by hand. Also, when forms are submitted by the Chairmans to the web master, they are uploaded “as is” to the sight.  If anyone sees a problem with the formatting of the form, please email Headquarters and they will notify the Chairman that submitted the form for corrections to be made.

TGC By-Laws – PDF   (34 pages)

Standing Rules   (8 pages)
Guidelines for Email Voting   (3 pages)
Policy Statement   (17 pages)
Guidelines for State Chairmen (17 pages)
2011 Annual Electronic Filing form for small exempt organizations (2 pages)
Member of the Year Guidelines (2 pages)
Application for Life Membership (1 page)

Mail to:  2015-2017 TGC Membership Chairman Gwen DeWitt
Gwen DeWitt
178 Fairway Rd
Beeville, TX 78102

TGC Membership Guidelines – 2011   (3 pages)
TGC Application for Club Membership
TGC Application for Affiliate Membership
TGC New Club Membership Roster Form

TGC Affiliate Letter  (Invitation to Affiliate Membership)


Scholarship Manual (14 pages)
Scholarship Guidelines (Scholarship Programs and Qualifications)
Scholarship Application Form
Financial Aid Form
Notification of Scholarship Award Form
Scholarship Donor Form
Rotation List
Scholarship Judging Sheet
National Garden Club Scholarships

Donation Form Revised 9/27/2016 (2 pages)
Seeds For Life Brochure

2017 Landscape Design School Registration Form (February 27-28, 2017)
2017 Garden Study School – Course IV, Series XV Registration Form (June 6-7, 2017)
2017 NGC Flower Show School, Course III Registration Form (March 21-23, 2017)
2017 Environmental School Winter Course IV – Water Registration Form (February 17-19, 2017)
2017 Environmental School Winter Course I – Overview of the Environment Registration Form (December 2-3, 2017)


TGC 2015 Awards Brochure   (88 pages)
TGC Youth Organization & Award Brochure (37 Pages)
TGC Club Ratings Application 2009  (16 Pages)
TGC Flower Show Brochure  (37 pages)
National Awards Manual
TGC Scrapbook Awards Form
TGC National Yearbook Awards Form
SCR Awards Handbook 2012  (15 pages)
TGC President’s Report 2013  – Bronze/Silver/Gold   (5 pages)
TGC President’s Affiliate Report 2013  (2 pages)
TGC President’s Judges Report 2013  (2 pages)
TGC President’s Council Forum or Federation Report 2013  (2 pages)
TGC President’s Report Green Club 2013   (3 pages)
TGC District Directors Annual Report 2012   (4 pages)
Arbor Day Grant Fund Award Guidelines 2013  (2 pages)
National Garden Club Awards