2015 – 2017 Board of Trustees

image for board of trustees pageDistrict Director I – Odessa
Wyveta Reese
Theme:  Remember the R’s:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

District Director II – Flower Mound
Linda Krimm
Theme:  Environmental Improvements begin with a LEAP in leadership, education, action, and purpose

District Director III – Kilgore
Nita Beale
Theme:  Lead, Educate And Protect our earth for the future

District Director IV – Alvin
Nancy Giffhorn
Theme:  Walk with a Friend

District Director V – College Station
Suzanne Milstead
Theme:  Take care of the Earth:  Bloom

District Director VI – Beaumont
Beverly Flosi
Think Green!  Renew, Reuse, Recycle! Be Green!

District Director VII – Hondo
Lee Taylor
Theme:  Be Proactive…Conserve to Preserve our Environment

District Director VIII – Abilene
Mary Perkins
Theme:  Garden Friends Share What They Know

District Director IX – El Paso
Mary Lou Trejo
Theme:  The environment is in our hands  We focus on recycling, reusing and conserving all resources

District Director X – Dallas
Karen Murrell
Theme:  Leap into the Future, Adapt, Conserve, and Recycle